Hollyhock, Butterflies and an Open Gate

Today’s early morning photos…….another sunny still beginning, though winds and higher temperatures forecast for later.

The next is for Texture Tuesday, our prompt was “Open” – ever literal, this is a shot of the back gate from outside the fence.  Bella the escape hound is actually tethered, or else she would be away and chasing kangaroos!  Kim’s texture “Evolve” was used to provide some texture……..I think in Multiply blending mode.

A little bit of housekeeping…..you might note the web address is a little different.  It is now has its own domain name  – don’t worry though, if you use the old https://smcbphoto.wordpress.com one, WordPress will cleverly direct you here.



  1. Oh, what a beautiful blog! I’m so glad to have found it today. I love your macro shots, they are all wonderful. I am especially drawn to the first image you posted, the center of the hollyhock…pure abstract art!

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