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I’ve been rescuing Ladybirds again.  I think they come into the house on firewood somehow, perhaps they are hiding in crevices or under the bark, but  I am never aware of them at the time.  Then they must emerge and fly towards the light, as I find masses of them on the window screens, or around the widow edges.  There is a wonderful website about them if you are interested – HERE.  Today I must have caught and removed at least 25 of the little beetles and released them onto my large pot of moss that is often use as a background for photography.  Of course I then had to take some pictures before they flew away.  Here are a few……..

These are all taken with my usual Canon 550D and the wonderful 100mm macro lens and tripod.


Wasp Waist!

Couldn’t help myself could I?  Should be packing….went outside to get something from the washing line and spotted this big native wasp intent on feeding on an Allium flower.  I think it is a Potter’s Wasp, a large solitary wasp that builds a mud nest, installs a caterpillar or spider in each cell for the lavae to feed on when the egg hatches.  I didn’t get too close, even though I believe they do not sting…..anyway here are some shots of this luridly coloured wasp.  Now I really am off to pack……

A Mixed Bag

Some recent shots – probably the last for a little while as I’m off on holiday to Singapore.   Hopefully I shall have a selection of different-type shots when I return.  These as usual are from around the garden, and all macros…enjoy!  Click on any photo in the gallery for a larger image.

Damsel Flies

These beautiful insects are common around my lake, fast of flight they sometimes land on water reeds or other plants to rest or feed on something they have caught.  This is a useful link to information about both Damsel and Dragon Flies, and the differences between the two for anyone who might be interested to know a bit more.  One of these photos (#6902) shows a green eyed Damsel Fly eating a larvae of the same species.

Happy New Year

Henri Cartier-Bresson said ” Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”  On that basis, I should get some good ones soon!

Here’s to another year of striving for that elusive perfect shot!

Gotta love a Lily!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012

Just one photo to represent each month of this year?  There are thousands from which I could choose, it’s impossible to narrow it down to only one image.  Here are a few I really like, not necessarily my best work, and some I may have posted before – it is just a tiny taste of a year’s shooting.  As usual you can click on a single image for a larger view, and yes, the gallery will have changed if you come back for a second look – it is the random feature that one can set for a gallery.

Do you have a favourite image?


One of my favourite flowers to photograph – richly coloured, lusciously wrinkled and delicate, beautiful at all stages, beloved of bees………..These are a mixture of oriental and opium poppies which grow in my garden.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

Like many I was not surprised to wake and find we had survived the supposed apocalypse that was predicted because the ancient Mayan calendar had simply run out of time……I can confirm that the day passed peacefully, as usual in this little corner of the world.  What did surprise me was the very weird eyes on this strange fly I captured through my macro lens recently when seeking insects to photograph.  I have no idea what it is, it was tiny and was feeding on nectar in the centre of a rose.



Ladybird, Ladybird……..

There seem to be a great number of these lovely little insects around the garden at the moment, which is a good thing as there is a plague of tiny greenfly on everything.  They can be found feeding on these tiny pests which damage roses and many other plants too.   May they grow fat and multiply!  It is also interesting to see the variety in size, number of spots and colour……I guess it might mean something if you were a ladybird?  Click on any image for a larger view.

Macro magic…..

Spotted this rather  beautiful moth near the lake this morning…….it looks like a malevolent fairy!




And a hard working, heavily laden bee…..