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I love photography, have taken photos since childhood, and am lucky enough to have some good gear and the freedom to mostly do as I wish in my retirement.  There is always more to learn, and I enjoy photographing macro, as well as local wildlife, birds and the landscapes of the beautiful area in which I live.  I also dabble in textile art and gardening.

I hope you enjoy the images, but please, do not copy, save, pin or repost – they are all covered by Copyright. 


  1. Thanks for the link to your blog and your kind comments on our blog. I shall enjoy watching you learn to master your new SLR – although you seem to have progressed rapidly beyond beginner. Lovely macro photography.

  2. Found your site while searching Google for some nice 550d macro photo’s, what can I say? Beautiful pics, you know your stuff and should be proud of all of the shots.
    Australia really is beautiful.
    (A jealous Englishman).

  3. Hi love the images especially of the Blue Banded bee and the Cuckoo Bee

    could you contact me as I would like to use them in a book on medicinal plants in australia

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