Blue Bee

Today I spotted a couple of insects that I had not seen before, and certainly not photographed.  The first was a Blue Banded Bee or Amegillia cingulata, an Australian Native Bee with a distinctive appearance –  it is a bit plumper and instead of yellow stripes, it has beautiful turquoise ones, and the number of stripes indicates the gender.  This one had four, so that makes it a female.  They seem to fly very fast, and do not settle for more than a micro-second, so these shots are not as well focused as they might be.  I hope there are more around as they are really very beautiful.

The next one is a Bee Fly or Bombyliid.  I had not seen one of these before either, it was about the size of a stout bee and was feeding on nectar from a Buddlia flower.

I also saw some Skippers, small butterflies, and I think these are both Lyell’s Swifts or Pelopidas lyelli.

Then there were the usual Honey Bees and Cabbage Butterflies on the lavender too……



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