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Sulphur Crested Cockatoo



These birds are common where I live in Central Victoria, congregating in flocks and squawking loudly as they fly.  Very beautiful, quite large, and very destructive of crops,  timber building edges, window frames garden flowers, emerging bulbs, young growth on trees and lots more – in fact, a real nuisance.  My neighbour keeps chickens and they are attracted to the seed she feeds them, arriving early in the morning to feast.  While I dislike them for their destruction, I love watching them almost playing on the wind’s currents, and performing ridiculous acrobatics on whatever is handy.  These shots were taken early this morning.


Australian Magpie

I have several Australian Magpies that come to receive snacks each day – prime grade minced beef with Insectivore added – and this young one will now sit on my shoulder, wrist, head, or today, the 400mm lens of my camera as I was a  bit slow in producing the goodies!  Have not yet given her a name……..suggestions welcome.

The town Lake

I was at the local lake this afternoon, specifically to photograph a pair of Black Swans that are visiting at the moment.  I hope they stay around as they make a welcome change from the wood-ducks and hybrid feral domestic ducks that are interbreeding there.  None the less, they are all beautiful, and it is a challenge to get images of their various behaviours.

Past Pics….

I have been printing out some photos taken a little while ago, to frame and hang on some bare walls…..not sure if I ever posted them here in the past, but thought they might be worth a re-run.



The most Western coast near Stanley, Tasmania.


Somewhere in Tasmania…I loved the colours and textures.


Bee and Poppy.


Full display – Frederick who belongs to a friend.




Pole Cat

Those that know me know that I am in no way fond of cats…..I really dislike their predatory nature and destruction of wildlife.  You can imagine my surprise to find one sitting on the top of a fence post in my garden the other morning –   it was obviously waiting to catch a sparrow from the many that live in this Buddleia hedge on my boundary. I do not know to whom it belongs, and promptly chased it away, but not before I was able to take these shots.


Back again……


I cannot believe that it is more than three years since I posted here – how time flies!  Since my last post I have sold my home, built a new one in the same town and moved….now more than two years ago.  My time has been spent developing a garden from absolutely nothing, but I still stitch a variety of things and take photographs.  I have some Australian Magpies that have become quite tame and friendly, so of course I have many, many photos of them.  Here are a few of one of them who had been playing in the sprinkler to get things started again.  I do hope some of my previous followers are still around and have not given up on me!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginnings

Taken a week or so ago, sunrise in Central Victoria.

Click on any image for a larger version and slideshow

Tiny Frogs Return

Such a long time since I posted anything, but a good way to begin again is with a favourite subject – some images of Litoria ewingii, Southern Brown Tree Frogs, sitting on Hydrangea leaves just outside my back door in the rain.

These are tiny creatures, less than 2 cms in length, and young ones hatched this season.  The fly just happened to be sitting there………

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

This is a bit boring, but then habits can be that way……..I’m certainly not going to portray any of my less desirable ones!

My early morning habit – breakfast – single Wheetbix and All-bran in the same bowl, tea – English Breakfast in the same spotty mug,  iPad to check emails, read news and see what is new on Zite, specs so I can read it all.



Aquilegia, Granny’s Bonnet, or Columbine – makes no difference to me, they remain one of my favourite plants and this garden is full of them.  I love their elegant shapes and gorgeous colours.

These were all taken with the 5D and a 100mm macro lens.  Click on any image to make a slideshow.