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Past Pics….

I have been printing out some photos taken a little while ago, to frame and hang on some bare walls…..not sure if I ever posted them here in the past, but thought they might be worth a re-run.



The most Western coast near Stanley, Tasmania.


Somewhere in Tasmania…I loved the colours and textures.


Bee and Poppy.


Full display – Frederick who belongs to a friend.




Pole Cat

Those that know me know that I am in no way fond of cats…..I really dislike their predatory nature and destruction of wildlife.  You can imagine my surprise to find one sitting on the top of a fence post in my garden the other morning –   it was obviously waiting to catch a sparrow from the many that live in this Buddleia hedge on my boundary. I do not know to whom it belongs, and promptly chased it away, but not before I was able to take these shots.


Back again……


I cannot believe that it is more than three years since I posted here – how time flies!  Since my last post I have sold my home, built a new one in the same town and moved….now more than two years ago.  My time has been spent developing a garden from absolutely nothing, but I still stitch a variety of things and take photographs.  I have some Australian Magpies that have become quite tame and friendly, so of course I have many, many photos of them.  Here are a few of one of them who had been playing in the sprinkler to get things started again.  I do hope some of my previous followers are still around and have not given up on me!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginnings

Taken a week or so ago, sunrise in Central Victoria.

Click on any image for a larger version and slideshow

Tiny Frogs Return

Such a long time since I posted anything, but a good way to begin again is with a favourite subject – some images of Litoria ewingii, Southern Brown Tree Frogs, sitting on Hydrangea leaves just outside my back door in the rain.

These are tiny creatures, less than 2 cms in length, and young ones hatched this season.  The fly just happened to be sitting there………

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

This is a bit boring, but then habits can be that way……..I’m certainly not going to portray any of my less desirable ones!

My early morning habit – breakfast – single Wheetbix and All-bran in the same bowl, tea – English Breakfast in the same spotty mug,  iPad to check emails, read news and see what is new on Zite, specs so I can read it all.



Aquilegia, Granny’s Bonnet, or Columbine – makes no difference to me, they remain one of my favourite plants and this garden is full of them.  I love their elegant shapes and gorgeous colours.

These were all taken with the 5D and a 100mm macro lens.  Click on any image to make a slideshow.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon

This week we are asked to feature horizons – the space where sky meets the earth.  For me my favourites are sky over water, but all can be beautiful.  These are from my archives, but I don’t think any have been posted before.  They were taken in the surrounding countryside and in Tasmania last year.



A Very Special Friend

My final post about this beautiful creature is here