A Very Special Friend

My final post about this beautiful creature is here


The Big Dog

Maggie – my favourite big dog as taken today in my Autumn garden.

I will never do this again!

Yesterday I attended a Sheepdog Trial in the Central Victorian Township of Castlemaine.  It was a gorgeous day, and watching the dogs each working a small bunch of cranky sheep was fascinating, the dogs were so intelligent, skilled and obedient.  I took a heap of photos, of the trials, the dogs, the dog trucks, the dog people and the mob of sheep, penned and waiting for their turn to be moved around the football oval where gates and ramps had been set up.

When I returned home, I could not wait to see the photos and immediately went to upload them to the computer.  I was distracted by something else and went away for about 10 minutes, leaving Lightroom to do its thing – so I thought!  I came back, removed the memory card, put it back in the camera as I wanted to take a shot of something else in a hurry, and deleted all the other photos before I took any more – as I always do.  The problem was that earlier I had actually forgotten to click the Import button to complete the transfer of images and when I returned the computer to look at the trial shots, there were none, and I had deleted them from the memory card!  To say I was cross, is an understatement – I could not believe I had been so stupid or that I had lost the lot.  In my exasperation, I emailed my son to tell him how dumb his Mother was becoming, and his response was to bring him the card as he had software that could recover the photos.  I did not know one could do that, and was delighted to have him recover most of them this morning and to put them on a disc for me.

Lesson learnt – be more careful, finish one task  before doing another, and check twice, then check again before deleting anything!  They say one learns from one’s mistakes, and I am resolved to never do that again!

Anyway, here are a selection of the rescued photos….

Maggie the Magnificent


The Best Big Dog in the World….

Rain again today, and we are in for another wet week.  Ventured out and about the garden between showers, took heaps of lousy pictures but kept these few, starting with Maggie my Blue Merle Collie.

These tiny golf-ball sized birds are dowdy female Superb Fairy Wrens, while the yellow one is an Eastern Yellow Robin, a species I have only seen a couple of times in my garden.


Hollyhock, Butterflies and an Open Gate

Today’s early morning photos…….another sunny still beginning, though winds and higher temperatures forecast for later.

The next is for Texture Tuesday, our prompt was “Open” – ever literal, this is a shot of the back gate from outside the fence.  Bella the escape hound is actually tethered, or else she would be away and chasing kangaroos!  Kim’s texture “Evolve” was used to provide some texture……..I think in Multiply blending mode.

A little bit of housekeeping… might note the web address is a little different.  It is now has its own domain name  – don’t worry though, if you use the old one, WordPress will cleverly direct you here.

Texture Tuesday – the Gratitude Edition

Thanksgiving Day is past and gone, and rarely celebrated here in Australia, but on the Web it is still being used as a theme for numerous things.  Kim Klassen has suggested Gratitude to being the theme for this week’s Texture Tuesday, so here goes.

I posted this one earlier on Shutter Sisters Flickr group for their One Word project, but it fits the bill with a change of wording.   This image was processed using one of Kim’s Textures and a preset from Radlab while I had a month’s trial.  It was to express my thanks to my family who gave me this camera 12 months or so ago, which has opened my eyes and led to a whole new world of challenges, friendships and fun.

The following are my two faithful canine companions,  both are rescue dogs for whom I am eternally grateful.  They will never know, but I would like to express my gratitude to their previous owners who, for whatever, reason no longer wanted them.  Also of course, to the dogs themselves – they are the best, loyal and devoted of friends  and I’m lucky to have them.

Maggie has been processed using Kim’s textures: Phoebe, Blue Bayou and Canvas Back in different blending modes and opacity.

Bella’s photo also uses the texture called Phoebe, plus two from Shadowhouse Creations: Raggedy Paper and Grab Bag.


Maggie by the lake on a misty morning.  Canon 550D  70-200mm f/4 L IS USM EF Lens