Black Swans (Cygnus atractus) and cygnets

Some more photos of Black Swans, with their five cygnets.  Lake Wendouree has many Black Swans, Coots, Ducks and water birds, but this is the first pair with young that I have seen this Spring.  My guess is they are only several days old, and never having seen them as young before, I took a million shots, so apologies if there are too many, but the bundles of fluff were gorgeous!  The very elegant parents were not concerned by walkers or runners passing by on the footpath, or me about 12 metres away.  Shot with the Sigma 300mm lens and tripod.


I hope you enjoy these beautiful birds and their little ones.



  1. These are abolutely fantastic Sue! Both the Black Swans and your photos of them!
    But isn’t it kinda strange that their cygnets have exactly the same colour as our white swans cygnets have?
    Do you know when they get their black colour?

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