A walk in the Australian Bush

A couple of days ago I was asked by a good friend to take photographs to show the range of native vegetation and trees which exist on her beautiful property.  It covers many acres and is virtually untouched apart from the annual harvesting of some fallen timber for firewood.  The land was burnt in the terrible bushfires of 1983,  but it has never been commercially logged so there are some enormous old Eucalyptus trees still standing in all their glory.  It is inhabited by many species of native wildlife, numerous species of birds, kangaroos, wallabies, and wombats to name just a few.  A muddy and waterlogged den is pictured in the slideshow below.

For once it was a beautiful sunny day – a mixed blessing as the bright light and contrasting shadows made photography a challenge, but we spent a couple of hours wandering through it all.  I took many, many photos planning to give her a disc of the best to use for her project, but she later found out that she only needed half a dozen…..so I’m posting some of them here instead!  I hope that  my overseas readers will enjoy seeing what the bush in this area looks like, I think the technical term for it is a Damp Sclerophyll Forest.

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  1. Wonderful slideshow, thanks for sharing! Lovely to see this beautiful landscape of yours, fantastic photos, as always!
    I feel very inspired to go out in the woods that surrounds me, here where I live, and take more photos of the environment. I do that very often, but I seldom show them, it feels so “usual” and “common”, but that’s just to me…. Thank you again Sue, for fantastic photos and inspiration!
    Have a wonderful day!

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