Waterbirds on the First Day of Spring.

Birds of various sorts have become my favourite subjects for the moment – they offer many challenges to a photographer, only one of which is to be able to get close enough to get a good shot, either physically or with a telephoto lens.  I have been playing with a Sigma 100-300mm lens, which is on loan from my son, and although not as sharp as my smaller Canon 70-200mm, it does get one a bit closer to the subject.  Today I was shooting water birds on my own lake, and the one in town, as well as swans at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat.  All of these water birds were traveling in pairs, some were displaying nest making behavior and I even saw swans with cygnets for the first time this year.  Spring is finally here!

This is a tiny Grebe

A Swamp Hen

Australian Black Swan




  1. Ohh, these are fantastic Sue! I was blown away by the black swan, so beautiful!
    The first day of spring…. Lucky you! Here in Sweden is the first day of autumn. Love the autumn, but not the winter…..
    Already long for spring…..

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