Visiting Roo….

As I opened my curtains this morning, this is what I saw on the front grass.

These are not brilliant photos due to the poor light, but are a good record.  I think this muscly male is relatively young, but quite large – probably over five feet tall when standing upright, and in very good condition.  Kangaroos often come through my property as there is a mob of over 20 which live in the vicinity, and one can see them grazing in the nearby paddocks.  Usually they come through at night and one only sees fresh roo poo to indicate they have been here.  This one was alone, the dogs did not see it so no barking, and I was able to sneak out the door without it moving on, which was surprising as they usually startle and hop away at the slightest noise.  I was about 10 metres from it,  but to go any closer would have been unwise as they can be dangerous if threatened.


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  1. wow, we certainly don’t see this looking out of our windows in germany 😀 beautiful animal. it looks very muscular, i wouldnt wanna fight with it.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Visiting from BTS… I was so surprised to see that you had a kangaroo out your front window. This was the first clue that you must be living in Australia – ha ha! Fabulous photos and thanks again for your responses in the gathering room!

  3. Hi Sue,
    Visiting from BTS… my first clue you are living in Australia was seeing the kangaroos on your page here! Fabulous photos! thanks again for your responses in the gathering room.
    Sharon G

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