Book Spine Poetry….

The Challenge this week on Beyond Layers was to make a poem, or story using book titles.  It was a fun way to start my day, and is quite addictive.  As some folk know, I have a rather large library of books from which to choose, being in the habit of purchasing books for whatever might be my current interest – consequently it was easy to come up with several stories.  This was my effort:-

I also did this one……that third book, I feel I must explain…it is actually an amusing novel about three middle aged women, by an Australian author and well worth reading!

It was minus three degrees here this morning…….everything was covered in frost, and looked quite beautiful.  I took this photo of leaves on a Liquid Amber tree, with the early morning sun behind them, which back lit their frosty edges.

Then I fiddled with it in PSE9, using a Poster Edges filter, a light layer of texture, and a gradient border.  It’s great learning all these useful Photoshop techniques, and as I no longer buy greeting or birthday cards, but make my own using photographs, I’m sure they will be put to good use.



  1. Wonderful results on your book spine poetry! And wow, the frozen leaves are gorgeous – your processing only added to the beauty. Thank you for sharing!

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