Little Frog

There is a dearth of good photo subjects in my garden at the moment – it’s mid winter, cold, mostly wet, no flowers, few insects……but today I found a frog!

I think it is a Litoria ewingii, or Brown Tree Frog (despite finding it under a log) and it measured only about 3 cms from nose to tail.  There are at least 36 different frogs listed as occurring in Victoria and many of them look similar, while even in their own species there can be a wide variation in colour and marking.  There is an excellent key to identification of frogs here which I have checked, and I’m also going  to try and get some external help from someone who is a froggy expert, so there may be more later.

P.S This is a quote from the advice I was given as to the identity of this frog – “the toe pads mean it can’t be anything but a tree frog and that means Litoria.  The dark patch on the back makes it ewingii.”  So it seems I was correct.

It’s nice to be shooting with my 100mm macro lens again!



  1. hi Sue, I think it may be more likely to be a little toadlet, our brown tree frogs are very smooth and this looks a bit lumpy. Cheers Penny

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