This week’s assignment was to capture moments in time, or to make a story board with a number of photos – a collage really, but using a new method and a template she had provided.  We were also directed to the blog of English photographer Xanthe Berkeley who does the most entrancing photo/video clips and storyboards, capturing moments and connections, mostly about simple things – her family, her day to day routines, events and outings, accompanied by music.  They are well worth a look.

I went to Daylesford Market this morning, specifically to take photos, and to try to overcome my reluctance to take pictures of strangers…I did ask permission in most instances, and folk were happy to cooperate – none the less, I felt more comfortable shooting from a distance..

Here are my results….



Then I did one using some images taken in the garden….


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  1. These picture stories are wonderful, but I do like your garden one the best, with Bella looking out the gate as though she’s anticipating the wonders of nature on the right.

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