Sulphur Crested Cockatoo



These birds are common where I live in Central Victoria, congregating in flocks and squawking loudly as they fly.  Very beautiful, quite large, and very destructive of crops,  timber building edges, window frames garden flowers, emerging bulbs, young growth on trees and lots more – in fact, a real nuisance.  My neighbour keeps chickens and they are attracted to the seed she feeds them, arriving early in the morning to feast.  While I dislike them for their destruction, I love watching them almost playing on the wind’s currents, and performing ridiculous acrobatics on whatever is handy.  These shots were taken early this morning.


The town Lake

I was at the local lake this afternoon, specifically to photograph a pair of Black Swans that are visiting at the moment.  I hope they stay around as they make a welcome change from the wood-ducks and hybrid feral domestic ducks that are interbreeding there.  None the less, they are all beautiful, and it is a challenge to get images of their various behaviours.

Past Pics….

I have been printing out some photos taken a little while ago, to frame and hang on some bare walls…..not sure if I ever posted them here in the past, but thought they might be worth a re-run.



The most Western coast near Stanley, Tasmania.


Somewhere in Tasmania…I loved the colours and textures.


Bee and Poppy.


Full display – Frederick who belongs to a friend.




Pole Cat

Those that know me know that I am in no way fond of cats…..I really dislike their predatory nature and destruction of wildlife.  You can imagine my surprise to find one sitting on the top of a fence post in my garden the other morning –   it was obviously waiting to catch a sparrow from the many that live in this Buddleia hedge on my boundary. I do not know to whom it belongs, and promptly chased it away, but not before I was able to take these shots.



Bees and Japonica alba


I have posted photos of Bird before, a male Currawong that over the last couple of years, has become fairly tame, and will perch on various spots around the house and wait for a feed.  Often he will sit outside a window to make his presence felt.  For the last few days he has brought Mrs Bird with him, but she is much less blatant in her approach, and generally more timid.  Recently he has begun to call in addition to making himself visible, and is becoming more brave about coming close.  I love having him around, and there seems to be some sort of competition developing between Bird and a couple of Ravens, who have obviously realised I’m a sucker and they are likely to get food too if they get close enough.  This is Bird today, a bit damp but as handsome as usual.


A Present for Me!

I purchased this little number yesterday……..


A big splurge indeed, and now I have to learn how to use it to its full potential.  Yes, that is Gaffer tape spoiling its beauty – purely a protective measure to prevent marks or bumps as I get used to its larger size and weight.  Watch this space for some results!

Texture Tuesday – Also late!


Taken this morning……it’s Autumn here now and weather is getting colder.   Still some roses about, but this gorgeous one was the only one on that bush.  Sorry – can’t recall it’s name.

Processed with KK’s textures Isobel (86%) and Blue Bayou (50%), both at Soft Light with textures removed from the rose.

Texture Tuesday – Free and Easy Edition…..a bit late

A bit late this week, things have been hectic and even this was done in a hurry!  Textured with one of KK’s Magic textures at reduced opacity and Edith from the Downton Collection.  Hope you like it.


My apologies to those whose comments have recently gone unacknowledged…..they are very much appreciated and I am sorry for so doing, but there has not been much computer time in the last week or so.  I shall endeavour to be better in future.


Seasons Greeting and Happy New Year!