Damsels and Dragons…

There is a large, shallow lake on this property which attracts a large variety of wildlife, birds, frogs and insects – it is a favourite hunting ground for subjects to photograph and I can usually be found there early in the morning when the light is soft.  I have often taken pictures of dragonflies after they have emerged from the nymph stage and before they take flight for the first time, but I had never witnessed how it happened.  A few days ago I found a nymph about to undergo this change, and was able to capture it.  The whole process took a couple of hours, and unfortunately I missed a bit, but these will give you an idea of what happens.  It was fascinating.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are two Damselflies included in this slide show – they are smaller, and hold their wings straight against their body.

For those who want a scientific explanation of it all check this site.

All taken with my Canon 550D and 100mm Macro lens.



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