Texture Tuesday again….

I can’t believe another week has flown by, I guess I must have been fairly occupied with stuff and things!  Certainly lots of photography, some of which I shall post here as soon as I have done some minor tweaking.  For Texture Tuesdsay this week, I have two images, and could not decide between the two – both shot with the 550D and wonderful 100mm macro lens.

This butterfly was shot a couple of weeks ago, and although I have tried to identify it, I cannot.  It has the most unusual speckled blue eyes, and that was before I added any textures. This one has had several of Kim Klassen‘s textures added to it:- KK3, Fall in Love, Subtly Yours, and Blue Bayou………all at different blending modes and opacities.  To me it has a very cool and icy look, which is very different from the usual ones I do.

I have been trying recently to get a good ladybird shot – they are tricky to say the least.  They do not stay still for long, move quickly, are tiny, round and shiny so often have many reflective surfaces, and then depth of field is always an issue if one shoots in low light in an attempt to avoid the reflections.   This lady only has two textures:- Andthensome and Subtly yours.  Again different blending modes and opacity.  This rhyme was a childhood favourite.



  1. OMG… these are wonderful shots! Your editing is perfect. My fave is the butterfly! But, I did love that nursery rhyme – cruel though it may be. =)

  2. Ohhhhhh, I love, love, love the butterfly shot. So delicate and beauifully processed. Not that there is anything wrong with your sweet little ladybug either. Lovely work!

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