Some recent macros…..bees and other insects.

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Damsel Flies

These beautiful insects are common around my lake, fast of flight they sometimes land on water reeds or other plants to rest or feed on something they have caught.  This is a useful link to information about both Damsel and Dragon Flies, and the differences between the two for anyone who might be interested to know a bit more.  One of these photos (#6902) shows a green eyed Damsel Fly eating a larvae of the same species.

Insects and a Spider.

Macro shots from the garden today.

100 Posts! Damsels, Dragons and a Phasmid

This is a celebratory posting – my 100th for this Blog which I began in December 2010 as a way of sharing my developing photography.  Isn’t that great!

Some gorgeous winged creatures to mark the occasion….

There was a short time yesterday morning when it was still, with no rain or wind.  Everything was still wet but the insects were out enjoying the warmth and filtered sun.  These shots were taken down by the Lake, where I had a couple of lucky sightings, one of which I shall write about tomorrow.  I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the Damselflies in various colours, and the larger Dragonflies with transparent veined wings and striped bodies.

This one was low down on a reed, waiting until its wings were fully expanded before taking off on its first flight.  Taken from above, it reminds me of a World War II bi-plane about to taxi along a runway for take-off!

This is a Phasmid – a Stick Insect which lives on leaves, mainly Eucalyptus but will also nibble others if needs be.  I don’t often see them as they are difficult to spot due to their camouflage – they really do look like sticks, and if disturbed will shake like a twig in the wind….This one was very obvious clinging to a green water reed, and was about 12 cms long with gorgeous purple wings folded on its back.

Tomorrow I shall tell you a tale about two bees….

I’m also posting these for this week’s Creative Exchange.

Insects, Damsels and Dragons….

Photographed in the last few days by my lake and in the garden.


I hope you enjoyed these!

Damsels and Dragons…

There is a large, shallow lake on this property which attracts a large variety of wildlife, birds, frogs and insects – it is a favourite hunting ground for subjects to photograph and I can usually be found there early in the morning when the light is soft.  I have often taken pictures of dragonflies after they have emerged from the nymph stage and before they take flight for the first time, but I had never witnessed how it happened.  A few days ago I found a nymph about to undergo this change, and was able to capture it.  The whole process took a couple of hours, and unfortunately I missed a bit, but these will give you an idea of what happens.  It was fascinating.

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There are two Damselflies included in this slide show – they are smaller, and hold their wings straight against their body.

For those who want a scientific explanation of it all check this site.

All taken with my Canon 550D and 100mm Macro lens.