This first one was found in the garage, but may have come inside with some Eucalyptus leaves – it was very small, probably about 1 cm across its legs…. I have searched the Museum of Victoria’s Spider identification information and cannot see anything like it, so have no idea what species it may be, but it was certainly very colourful.  I shall have to wait a while until I can ask the family Entomologist.  The second photo shows it hanging upside down on a strand of silk….

Both were taken with the Canon EOS 550 D using the Macro lens……

This much larger Huntsman Spider was seen sitting on a window frame in Kyneton, oblivious to the passers by  – it was about 2 inches long, a gorgeous soft gray colour and looked like velvet.  This was taken with my small Canon IXUS 980  f2.8 1/60 sec.



  1. Don’t grasshoppers have such a wise expression? As though they know perfectly well that you’re up to no good and they know better. You’ve caught it perfectly.

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