Frog Utopia

This was a comment from my daughter when she saw some of these shots.

Along the veranda at the back of my home there is a row of Hydrangea macrophylla shrubs in which live dozens of Southern Brown Tree Frogs, or Litoria ewingii.  These little creatures are very common in this area, sometimes seen in the garden, occasionally appearing on a glass door when it has been raining, but usually just heard calling at night as they hide by day.  During the recent heavy rain and eternally damp weather they have appeared on the hydrangeas in the late afternoon, and sit, hoping to catch insects until mid morning the following day.

The ones in these photos were all very small, probably about 2 cms in size, and very quick to jump if the camera got too close.  Taken at night, lighting was difficult and some shots have been enhanced a little with Photoshop Elements.

Macro lens f5.6 1/60
Canon Macro f5 1/60

This one seemed to have different markings and colours than the rest – obviously very green, and its back stripe seemed more red than brown.

Macro lens f5.6 1/60
Canon Macro lens f5.6 1/60
Canon Macro f.5.6 1/60

See the small green fly sitting on this one’s head above?

Canon Macro f5.6 1/60


  1. Absolutely stunning photos, each one better than the last. Looking forward to the next ones – I’ve aded this blog to my feed. Congratulations!

  2. Awesome photos! I’m doing a report on this species for my postgraduate biology course and was wondering if I could use and cite some of your photos? If you’re ok with that, how would you like me to cite them? Thanks, and again, awesome photos!

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