I will never do this again!

Yesterday I attended a Sheepdog Trial in the Central Victorian Township of Castlemaine.  It was a gorgeous day, and watching the dogs each working a small bunch of cranky sheep was fascinating, the dogs were so intelligent, skilled and obedient.  I took a heap of photos, of the trials, the dogs, the dog trucks, the dog people and the mob of sheep, penned and waiting for their turn to be moved around the football oval where gates and ramps had been set up.

When I returned home, I could not wait to see the photos and immediately went to upload them to the computer.  I was distracted by something else and went away for about 10 minutes, leaving Lightroom to do its thing – so I thought!  I came back, removed the memory card, put it back in the camera as I wanted to take a shot of something else in a hurry, and deleted all the other photos before I took any more – as I always do.  The problem was that earlier I had actually forgotten to click the Import button to complete the transfer of images and when I returned the computer to look at the trial shots, there were none, and I had deleted them from the memory card!  To say I was cross, is an understatement – I could not believe I had been so stupid or that I had lost the lot.  In my exasperation, I emailed my son to tell him how dumb his Mother was becoming, and his response was to bring him the card as he had software that could recover the photos.  I did not know one could do that, and was delighted to have him recover most of them this morning and to put them on a disc for me.

Lesson learnt – be more careful, finish one task  before doing another, and check twice, then check again before deleting anything!  They say one learns from one’s mistakes, and I am resolved to never do that again!

Anyway, here are a selection of the rescued photos….



  1. well I’m certainly glad that you got them back, I did know that they are (mostly) retrievable thank goodness. I import mine with my Nikon software and I have it set to verify that they are transferred then delete them off my card, I never delete ‘in camera’. I feel a little more secure that way I think..!

  2. Great son of yours! 🙂
    That frustration is just awful, been there too….. Happy you got them back!
    And to see a Border collie “at work” is among the most fantastic thing to see with dogs. Mine doesn’t have herding as his occupation, he has got his own business….. 😉

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