The Best Big Dog in the World….

Rain again today, and we are in for another wet week.  Ventured out and about the garden between showers, took heaps of lousy pictures but kept these few, starting with Maggie my Blue Merle Collie.

These tiny golf-ball sized birds are dowdy female Superb Fairy Wrens, while the yellow one is an Eastern Yellow Robin, a species I have only seen a couple of times in my garden.




  1. Maggie is so very beautiful!!!! Wow….all those birds! I plan on planting more food friendly plants next year for the birds because the squirrels eat all their seeds.

  2. Wonderful bird photos, they are so cute! But I really love your dog, what a wonderful wise and charming face, so sweet!
    Just love the herding breeds, I have a bordercollie boy, Filip, and two little sheltie girls, Alice and Ella, no blue merle though, Alice is sable and Ella is tricolour. Ella is on breeing terms, so hopefully there will be some puppies later on.

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