Bird’s Babies

For those of you who have been following the adventures of Bird I am delighted to tell you he has two youngsters.  I have only seen these juveniles in the last few days, but both Bird and his less bold Missus have been seen busily hunting and gathering for them.  The young ones can fly, in a blundering sort of fashion, and can obviously feed themselves as I have seen them foraging too, however, they also spend a lot of time sitting under cover in trees, squawking loudly and waiting for a parent to come and feed them.  The paler, fluffier bird in this gallery is a young one, its sibling was hiding higher up in this leafy tree.  Interestingly the beady yellow eye has not yet developed – it must be a sign of being a grown-up!



  1. How wonderful to have such a close up view of them and to see their behaviour . Super photos.
    Loved listening to these birds when we visited Australia … their call seemed so lyrical !
    Enjoying watching blackbirds ,field fares , the odd thrush, and smaller birds in the garden now as the chillier weather sets in.

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