Bird – the Grey Currawong

Currawongs are large birds, native to Australia and related to Australian Magpies and butcherbirds.  They have a beautiful call, but are an omnivorous and opportunistic feeder, eating just about anything, including small birds.  Note the feathers stuck to this one’s feet in one photograph – they are not his!  This Currawong, called Bird for want of a better name, is now quite tame and unafraid of me, appearing once or twice a day, to sit expectantly on the veranda rail, back step post or a table until I give it something to eat.  Sometimes it will sit opposite a window and peer inside until I notice, or sometimes he appears if I go outside and call his name.  I expect before long he may even eat from my hand as today he came within a couple of feet to collect some bread crusts from the grass.  The dogs are very excited by its proximity, but he does not appear to mind the racket, stuffing his big beak with as many pieces of bread possible before flying off to eat them in peace.



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