The Girls….

Sadly my small flock of beautiful chooks has been reduced to only three – blame foxes and an illness.  These are Isa Browns, egg laying machines really, whose lovely big brown eggs pay for their food.  Economies of scale dictate that I need to get the numbers up again, so this coming weekend I plan to purchase three more point of lay hens at the local Farmer’s Market.  Yesterday I sat on a flowerpot inside the chook run to take these shots.  I love their vibrant colours and feather markings, they look so shiny and soft.

Taken with the borrowed Canon 5D and 70–200mm lens.




  1. You sure do lead a great life Sue–sitting in the chook run to take these photos is the best one that I have heard.
    Well done because they are great photos.

  2. Interesting how the photo with the eye as a focus point is my clear favourite. I found the same thing when I was photographing at the zoo a couple of weeks ago.
    Sorry I did not know about Scott Kelby’s day, altho’ I could not actually have gone

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