Backyard Birds

There are few flowers, fewer insects, but there are still birds in my garden!  I feed them during the winter when there is less natural food around.  All of these shots were taken in the last few days, using a 70-200mm lens and tripod.



  1. I am always amazed at the variety of little birds in a garden – when there are neighbours cats around!

  2. I love the little guy in the bird bath. What are the parrot type birds in the last few pictures? Reminds me of Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

    1. The one in the birdbath is a female blackbird, while the other colourful ones are Crimson Rosellas, even the green ones which are not yet mature adults.

  3. Beautiful – the colors of the birds is amazing! Makes me want to go bird watching – with my camera of course!

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