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One of the pair that live nearby, and visit daily…..




Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh….

I do so love these birds…..

Canon 550D with 70 – 200mm lens

More Birds…

I’m sure you may be getting a bit tired of all the birds which have been featuring here, but sometimes I capture something that I just have to share.  These were taken today using that big 300mm lens I have on loan.  The soggy Splendid Wren was taken at a friend’s house where she has a  bird bath just outside a window, and very close to the house.  It was amazing to watch him splashing around and enjoying the water.

The Kookaburra was sitting in a Chestnut Tree in my back yard, carefully watching a garden bed that had been weeded yesterday – and the last shot shows what he was waiting for!

Backyard Birds

There are few flowers, fewer insects, but there are still birds in my garden!  I feed them during the winter when there is less natural food around.  All of these shots were taken in the last few days, using a 70-200mm lens and tripod.

Kookaburra sits on an old gum tree….

Taken late this afternoon, using my 70 – 200 mm lens.  I’m thinking this pair is getting used to me pointing a camera at them, they just sit and pose beautifully, letting me get fairly close.


This is a panorama made from four or five shots merged together – hence the strange angle to the pergola on the left … taken last week when we had snow overnight – indicative of how cold this area becomes once winter arrives.

The snow did not last, but it is generally very cold with frequent frosts.  Nothing much is growing, there are very few flowers to shoot, and it is more pleasant inside by my fire than outside grappeliing with tripod, camera and winds which make everything move.  A few more recent shots though….the Kookie was back and being most obliging.

This poor skink is recovering in the sun after being rescued from the small dog inside my house……

A Handsome Fellow

There are several Kookaburras which live around this area, and one frequently hears their distinctive calling to each other.  One pair can usually be found in a tree on the property, intently watching the ground for some movement which indicates a tasty morsel worth investigating more closely.  Early on Sunday, it was damp and overcast and the pair were working the front grass.  I went out with camera, tripod and 70-200mm telephoto lens, ending up trundling around after them when they flew from tree to tree, trying to avoid me, but managed these shots. 

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