Who needs sunshine?

Mid-winter …….cold, raining, overcast, soggy underfoot, everything dripping from above, confined to home, with the wood-fire burning 24/7, and cabin fever coming on!  It’s probably not really conducive to photography, but one tries anyway.  As I ventured out, it became more and more misty…..but I clicked away, thinking I was shooting clever, atmospheric, artistic shots that would look brilliant and I would be proud to share.  Dull, foggy, noisy photos, wet feet with even the ducks and horses looking bedraggled – the results were less than I had hoped for!

Who needs sunshine?  I do!



  1. Hi Sue!
    Like your photos though, mist is great on photos!
    And if it can be of some consolation, the summer here is very similar to your winter, cold, rainy and just awful….
    It is so depressing when not even the dogs want to go out for walkes…..
    BUT, it is perfect weather for taking a blog course! =)
    See you in class!

  2. Sue,

    I just wish the cold felt as good as the photos make it look, particularly the misty ones, though I admit I prefer cold to hot weather. I can always do something to get warm … right now another log on the fire is required!

    Judy B

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