Amanita Muscaria

Autumn is the season for fungi, and this garden is full of the usual ones, Saffron Milkcaps which are edible, though I don’t eat them, many ones for which I have no name, and the hallucinogenic Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric Toadstools…..the stuff of fairy tales.  This year they do not seem to be as many of them, and their colour is not so rich as usual.  None the less, they are very photogenic and I have spent some time getting down and dirty to take these shots.  I think they are still intriguing when they begin to fade and die, turning odd shapes, splitting and showing signs of being nibbled by slugs.  I wonder if the slugs experience hallucinations….??

These are also being published for the Weekly Top Shot



  1. These are absolutely magical. I don’t think I’ve ever seen mushrooms as beautiful as this before!

  2. Wow, those shots are fabulous! Especially the ones where they’re ‘ripe red!’ I’m so glad you decided to join us and share at ‘Weekly Top Shot.’ 🙂 I hope you’ll come share again next week…

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