According to Wikipedia, Skippers are small butterflies, named for their darting and rapid flight, usually fairly close to the ground.  They are of the family Hesperiidae and while they might look more like Moths due to their small size and dull colouring, they are not.  Skippers are distinguished by their club like antennae, where moths have feathered ends to theirs.  The gorgeous little butterflies have stocky bodies, and large compound eyes while their wings, which are small in proportion to their bodies, are usually angled upward or spread out while at rest.  They are only 10 -15 mm in size, but my experience is that they stay on a flower for longer that other butterflies, and so are easier to photograph.  I love their furry coats and faces – they are very cute.

These were all shot in my garden using the 550D on a tripod, and the macro lens.

If you think my watermark is getting larger, you are correct and for this I apologise.  I came across this article today, where a Toronto photographer has had his work stolen by someone in the UK, and published on the UK photographer’s site as his own.  The UK photographer had done it before, and had been thrown out of the British Press Photographers Association as a result, but it does not seem to have stopped him.  The internet makes it too easy to copy or save published images without consent, but this breaches copyright, and I don’t like Pintrest, where I have found images of mine, for the same reasons.  So please just try to ignore the watermarking, and enjoy the photos.



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