Minus Four Degrees…..

It was so cold this morning that the edge of my lake was frozen, and the frost on the ground made it look as if it had been snowing.





  1. Same here Sue, I didn’t have time to get out with the camera before I went to work..! We had ladies from Warnambool in today and they said it was the same there and all the way up here, must have been statewide today, another one coming tonight I think…I’ll have to get up earlier tomorrow..

  2. These photos are stunning! It is always hard for me to believe that while we are burning up in 100 degree weather…somewhere in the world it is freezing 😉

  3. Love these photos. Reminds me of when we camped (or rather slept in the car in North wales and in Northumnerland in winter. I loved the icicles on the trees.

  4. Sue, all of these are wonderful! I especially love the color boards. It’s amazing how many colors one can pull out of an image.
    It is so strange to see frost now, as we are in the middle of summer and the middle of a real hot spell.
    Visions of things to come for us in a few months!
    Wishing you a wonderful beginning to your week!

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