Grounded….and a little bit silly

I have great admiration for Street Photographers – those who take candid shots in public places, mostly of people with, and without their knowledge.  The world is full of folk with character filled faces, interesting scenarios, poignant moments which give a personal view of society.  I think it takes courage and a bit of cheek to do it well, as it can appear intrusive.  I don’t usually have that sort of bravery, mind you, on the few occasions I have asked strangers if I may take their pictures, they have agreed.  There were many occasions on my trip when I would have liked to capture people I saw going about their normal lives but did not feel I could.  Instead I perhaps invented a new genre…..Foot Photography!



  1. I couldn´t agree with you more! I would love to have to courage to take photos of people on the street. I love fashion and always admire peoples outfits on the street. I´ve been so tempted on several occasions to take photos of outfits I´ve liked but have chickened out on every occasion! Just feels wrong! I like the idea of foot photography! 🙂

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