Blue is the colour…

Today the colour for Beyond Layers is BLUE.   It is my favourite colour, no matter what shade or name it might have, and here are a few to choose from…azure, indigo, cobalt, navy, sapphire, royal, midnight, cyan, cornflower, and baby blue.  A primary and natural colour, blue is cool, calming, peaceful and can convey confidence and importance without being too somber, so it is a popular colour for police, services and the corporate world.  In language it can be both positive (blue ribbon, true blue, blue stocking etc) or negative (feeling blue, blue language etc).  I love the colour as it suits my blue eyes, but as I type I am reminded of that well known exercise by Jane Elliot where she labels participants as inferior or superior based on the colour of their eyes, and exposes them to the experience of being a minority.  Anyway, enough of my thoughts…..this is a photo blog, so here are some blue shots.

Of course a post about things blue must also include a shot of my Blue Merle Collie, the wonderful Maggie.



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