New Beginnings…

I have signed up for a couple of online classes – both of which sound like fun, and hopefully I shall learn a lot.

The first is with Steve Sonheim and is called Photo Silly Light – I actually follow Carla Sonheim’s blog as I like her wimsical drawing style.  I’d love to be able to draw as she does, but I can’t, but when I saw her husband was a photographer and offered classes, I investigated further and signed up for one over the next week.  He writes, “This class is about looking at the world a little differently through your digital camera, and bringing more photography into your art, and more art into your photography.”  Sounds like a challenge.

The second is with Kim Klassen, and is called Beyond Layers which will continue for a whole year………it will involve layers, textures, brushes, how to get a bit more from PSE techniques and weekly projects.  I have done a couple of classes with Kim before, and use a lot of her free textures for her Texture Tuesdays, but this will be in addition to that.  I hope I have not bitten off too much, and can stick with it.  I’m not so much into cutesy images with motivational messages, but I’m sure I will find my own style. I shall be sharing my results for both classes here.

In the meantime, here are two images using her latest free texture called Embrace, posted for Texture Tuesday on 10th of January.  Sorry, but I did not keep note of the blending mode or opacity.



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