There are many different coloured Helebores in this garden, in fact they are one of my favourite plants as they bloom late in winter, tolerate shade, have wonderful textural dark green leaves,  self seed and cross pollinate so one is  likely to find a new hybrids happening all on their ownsome.  These days one can purchase double ones, almost black, pure white, spotty and all colours in between, plus, more recently yellow ones – all of them beautiful in their own way, and very photogenic.  Their only disadvantage from a photography point of view is that their gorgeous heavy heads hang downwards and one can miss their wonderful centres unless one gets down to their level, or picks them.   That is what I did to shoot these sexy bits.

And this is how I lugged my photo gear around the garden, using one crutch while I pulled the trolley.  Where there is a will – there is a way!

Two more macro shots….

All taken with the Canon 550D and 100mm Macro lens.



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