Several times over the last couple of weeks, I could be found lying on the ground in various parts of this garden… one instance my neighbour saw me as he was driving out of his place, stopped, and kindly came over to the boundary to check if I was OK.. he must have thought I had collapsed or fallen…. I was actually just taking photos of some of the fungi which have been coming up since the first autumn rains.   My photo kit now includes gardening clothes, gum boots, an old sleeping mat from camping days, a soft paintbrush, some scissors and of course camera with appropriate lens – thus equipped I can venture out even when it is still wet.  Here are some of the results……..

This is Lactarius deliciosus  or Saffron Milkcap a species introduced from Europe to assist the growth of pine plantations.  It is edible and now widespread.

The next three are Amanta muscaria or Fly Agaric, also were also introduced to Australia.  They are toxic, and have been used as a fly poison.  They are hallucinogenic to humans, and often its effects resemble those of intoxication with alcohol.

The next two may be Macrolepiota clelandii .

I am not sure about the species to which the rest of these belong, so rather than being incorrect they shall remain nameless until I know.

The fungi in the last five photos were all very small…..that is moss in which they are growing, so it will give an idea of the scale.  There are several more species growing, or likely to appear soon, mostly bracket fungi which I remember from last year but also a small toadstool type which is purple, and obviously delicious to slugs as I am yet to find one which has not been eaten.  Next month I’m going on a workshop and excursion into the Wombat Forest with a fungi expert who will show and identify many more species……..I’m sure I shall learn heaps, and hopefully take some good pictures.



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