Garden Residents

These hideous Blowflies landed on my jeans as I was sitting on the ground trying to take pictures of some lilies, so of course I shot them too.

Those small white dots on its left wing tip are live larvae! Yuk!  They seemed much larger than normal….

This daisy dwelling Spider had just caught a tiny fly for breakfast – the body of the Spider was only about 5mm in diameter.

The Harlequin bug was sitting on a Hollyhock bud, so all those colours are true.

I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to take some shots of caterpillars, but could not find any in my garden…..(lucky me)…….this morning she gave me a small jar with two of these stripey ones in it.  It is the caterpillar of the Grapevine Moth, of which I posted a photo earlier.  I now have two of them living in a very large glass jar, on vine leaves, so you can look forward to seeing some more of them as they grow.

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