Litoria ewingii, and Orb weaving spider

Both of these creatures have been featured before, but they are so photogenic, I’m posting more shots of them.  The Southern Brown Tree Frog was found sleeping on a leaf in the sun at midday – most unusual, but it enabled me to get closer than usual before it hopped away…..In reality this little frog is less than an inch in size.

These were taken with the CanonEOS 550 D, and Macro lens.

Litoria ewingii – f22 1/13 sec ISO 400

A small (1/2 inch) Orb Weaving Spider and its catch – f4.5 1/400 sec ISO 200

f11 1/25 ISO 200



  1. That camera of yours is GOOD! Look at the transperncy of the little frog’s toes … and what wonderful resolution you’ve got. Of course, it takes talent to wield such a magnificent tool!

  2. Oh! I have a tendancy to cryptically mix my letters and drop my vowels when I type. That’s meant to be ‘transparency’ but I’m sure you guessed.

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