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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginnings

Taken a week or so ago, sunrise in Central Victoria.

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

This is a bit boring, but then habits can be that way……..I’m certainly not going to portray any of my less desirable ones!

My early morning habit – breakfast – single Wheetbix and All-bran in the same bowl, tea – English Breakfast in the same spotty mug,  iPad to check emails, read news and see what is new on Zite, specs so I can read it all.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

This week’s challenge could be interpreted in several ways – I’m going the simple and literal way, but something a little different.  As I began to prepare a meal, I was struck by the shapes and colours of some of my ingredients, and saw a simple, quick and easy opportunity for this week, without much thought.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Point of View

This week we were challenged to show some individuality in the point from which we take a shot, and where we might focus – shooting up, down, having the subject partially obscured, an unusual aspect, indirectly or whatever takes your fancy.  I often get down on the ground for macro shots, particularly when taking fungi, and love the back of flowers as shown in my Red! post a few days ago.  Here are a selection of different points of view……some taken today, a few from the archives.

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sea

Despite the fact I live in the country, many miles from the sea, it is somewhere I love and of which I have many memories.  One of my very earliest is as a child, on holiday in Ireland, walking on a beach with an ice cream cone, at the age of about 3-4 years old.  In the 50’s the family lived at Virginia Beach in the US, a couple of minutes from an endless stretch of golden sand and blue Atlantic ocean.  Later we lived near the rocky Cornish coast where wild weather was common.  These days a visit to the sea side is fairly rare, usually on holidays only, and even then my preference would be for winter time, when the beaches would be deserted and one would be well wrapped against the cold, or to catch a sunrise or sunset at the golden hour.

This poem is one I learned at school many many years ago, but one I still remember by heart – to me these excerpts epitomize my feelings about the sea and shoreline.

Sea Fever

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

John Mansfield 1902

These images are from the archives, taken in the last year or so in Tasmania and the South Coast of Victoria.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

This week’s challenge was to take photos to demonstrate the different depths of field one obtains using different apertures – ie shallow depth of field with a wide aperture or the reverse, greater depth of field with a smaller aperture.  I actually showed this a few posts back – here – as it had been something covered at our local photo club.  None the less, today I spent some time using my macro lens to shoot the same subject ( the fruiting bodies on a pot of moss ) with a range of apertures from f/32 to f/2.8, giving very different results in terms of background sharpness and detail.  Personally for this type of photo I prefer a soft blurred background – the very sharp one has too much confusing detail!









WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two ways

I can hardly believe it is nearly a month since I posted here – I guess that reflects the dreadful winter of endless days of cold and rain this area has been experiencing.  Today however we had sunshine, so I ventured out to try and meet this week’s challenge.  It was to find a likely scene or view, and decide whether landscape or portrait orientation made the best shot.  Look here for the article from photographer Jeff Sinon who discusses how he makes his choice.

Here are a few images taken at the local park this morning.







Hard to choose?  I think it depends on the effect you are seeking……..or the subject…….or……….???

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

In photography, the Golden Hour is the first and last hour of sunlight – Sunrise, or Sunset are times when the quality of light makes it possible to capture magical shots.  The addition of water, either sea or lake can result in the most beautiful images.  Here are a few of mine from the archives…….it is mid winter and pouring with rain where I am, so there is no chance of something new!

These were taken in Tasmania, Queenscliff in Victoria, near where I live, and the lake in my own backyard.

As usual, clicking any image will make it larger.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves

A while ago I purchased, very cheaply, several broken mechanical watches on eBay, specifically for the purpose of taking some close ups of their innards – these are a few of them.  I think they have a certain beauty, and also meet this week’s brief of Curves.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting

This week we are asked to share a photo that means or represents those special fleeting moments that occur occasionally in our lives, that are enjoyed for a moment or two and are then gone…..leaving behind a sense of peace, or excitement, change or even sadness.  I’ve chosen images from nature (as usual), and hope you enjoy them too.