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Macro Moments…..

I’ve been invited to add a photo to this group………


So I have………


Beautiful Bugs and a Bird…

Have been busy with Beyond Layers assignments, which I hope to show soon…..Click here for the Flickr site if interested to see some great work….In the meantime, some recent shots of insects from the garden……the first three are of a very beautiful katydid that I rescued from the dog’s drinking bowl.

And finally, a juvenile Crimson Rosella – there were eight of these in the back garden this morning, all looking very green.  When they mature, they will get their gorgeous scarlet plumage.





Another Katydid

This little insect was tiny, its body about 1/4 inch long.  I caught it while gardening, and later put it on some autumn leaves as background for the first three shots.  I let it go again on a rose, where it settled in the sun for a while.  I find them most appealing……all long limbs and beady eyes, sometimes with a most grumpy look too.  I guess I might also be grumpy if caught and contained for a time…..enjoy.

As usual, all taken with the Canon EOS 550D and 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, using a tripod.