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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

Like many I was not surprised to wake and find we had survived the supposed apocalypse that was predicted because the ancient Mayan calendar had simply run out of time……I can confirm that the day passed peacefully, as usual in this little corner of the world.  What did surprise me was the very weird eyes on this strange fly I captured through my macro lens recently when seeking insects to photograph.  I have no idea what it is, it was tiny and was feeding on nectar in the centre of a rose.




Wintery Weather again..

Between the showers today, sick of being inside, I went out to take some photos.  These are some of the results…….I absolutely love the look of raindrops on flowers.  These are all taken with the 550D and 100mm Macro lens, mostly using a tripod, but some hand held at ground level.  The quality of this lens is amazing……often I find spider threads which are not visible to the naked eye appearing once the image is seen on the computer.

This little fly was so tiny, I could hardly see it.  That looks like a bumpy road but actually is a smooth concrete path!  I like his purple eyes!

Boxing Day Macro Shots…….

Barely a couple of centimetres long, these little tree frogs, Litoria ewingii have been sitting among the Hydrangea leaves during daylight for most of the last few days, probably because the weather has been favourable with high humidity and not too hot.  They make great subjects for photography, often remaining still for ages before hopping away.

With the warmer weather come the flies………

A Spider and some Flies



Robber Fly eating a smaller aphid